SEND Mini Slim Knee Pad

The Send Mini Slim Knee Pad is the smaller version of the Large Slim knee-bar pad, the heavier weight model designed for maximum durability, comfort, and protection whilst knee-barring. Its smaller overall surface area will suit climbers with skinnier legs, although as it will still fit most adult leg sizes it will be ideal for the climber seeking a lighter weight, less bulky knee pad.

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– 3mm of ultra sensitive, insanely sticky Send Rubber

– 3mm of one-sided airprene for super sticky, breathable performance

–  Wrap-Around Design allows for easy on/offs without the need to take climbing shoes off

– Sticky neoprene inside allows for maximum adhesion to the leg
– Soft neoprene absorbs impact and provides supreme comfort
– Super stretchy so fits all leg sizes
–  Designed for freedom of movement, allowing the legs muscles to flex as the climber moves, preventing discomfort



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