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The Veloce is a beginner climbing shoe like no other. Instead of being stiff and flat it is soft and slightly down-turned. It has been designed for indoor climbing because that is where most people start to climb (not to say you can’t use the Veloce outside, it is just better suited to climbing inside). It is a very precise shoe that is great at standing on slippery footholds, smearing and edging.

Scarpa have made a new last called FKJ which sits your heel right at the back of the shoe with your toes still at the tip of the shoe. This means there is not loads of pressure at the ends of the toes and more importantly on the knuckles. This is also helped by the M50 rubber on the top of the shoe which is soft and won’t put unnecessary pressure on your toes. The Veloce has a minimal midsole making it soft and great for climbing on steep ground, unlike other beginner climbing shoes, having a soft midsole also makes the shoe more comfortable. It has a DTS tension system which gives the shoe flexible support allowing you to smear and edge with ease.

Try instore at the Mothership.

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Technical Specifications:

  • S72 Rubber
  • Fully synthetic
  • DTS tension system
  • PAF heal
  • Wide foot
  • Square shaped foot
  • M50 Rubber



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