Armaid Extreme Massage Tool

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This combination of the Armaid device and Extreme roller provides intense, hard-core therapy for individuals with heavily muscled arms.  The Orange Roller is the “lacrosse ball” of the 4 rollers, allowing you to really dig into your trigger points. Not for the average user but ideal for climbers, bodybuilders, CrossFitters and professional athletes alike.

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  • Orange ‘Extreme’ Roller
  • Permanent Support Roller
  • Handle Fastener, extension band
  • 1 Tab
  • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee
  • 10-year Unconditional Warranty

Does not include

  • Neoprene Leg Strap
  • Grey Roller
  • Black Roller
  • White Roller

Armaid Extreme provides a deep tissue massage to the muscles and the other soft tissue of your upper limbs. It can open up tight muscles and connective tissues in your forearms, hands, triceps and biceps and allows you to help yourself when and where you need help.

Is Armaid for you?

  • Check to see whether any part of your forearm has any tension or tightness. Take your free hand and rub along the forearm muscles. Are there any tight areas?
  • Have you felt burning, achy, sore, fatigued or ropey muscles in the hand or forearm? Have you felt the urge to massage anywhere along the arm, hand or elbow?
  • Have you previously had massage in these areas and felt better?

If you answer “Yes” to any of the above questions, Armaid will work for you when used as directed.

Armaid Attachments

The has four unique interchangeable attachments, the firm white roller, the soft grey roller, the black foam roller and the ‘extreme’ orange roller. Armaid can be adjusted for use at any point from the fingers all the way to above the elbow. Armaid is also excellent at relieving lymphedema and thumb problems (de Quervains syndrome) and other maladies.

Money back guarantee

We guarantee Armaid will work for you when used as directed, and we are so confident in its abilities, that you may try Armaid risk-free with our money back guarantee. If your forearm muscles are loose, soft or tension-free then Armaid may not be for you.

Generally speaking there are two ways that problems can develop in your arms and hands.

  1. Forearm muscles can become too tight from overuse. The muscles shorten and pull where the two ends of the muscles attach. These two ends are called the origin, found in the elbow area, and the insertion located in the hand and fingers. This causes pain, fatigue, inflammation and loss of strength. For example: If a muscle becomes tight it will pull on both ends causing pain and symptoms at perhaps either end but the problem really begins in theforearm. Armaid is specifically designed to release tight muscle tissue anywhere in the forearm, hand or elbow. If you have tight or sore muscles anywhere in your forearm, then Armaid is definitely for you.
  2. Tight muscles in the neck, shoulder or chest can compromise the nerve pathways that limit normal function and create symptoms “downstream” in the arms, elbows and hands. If your forearm muscles are not tight or sore then that is an indication that your problems come from the neck and shoulder area. Armaid cannot help problems that stem from these areas if your arm muscles are completely devoid of tension.


When Armaid isn’t enough… Other Resources

As much as we wish that all your problems could be alleviated by using Armaid alone, it sometimes just isn’t enough for a complete recovery when the problems go beyond sore forearm muscles. A professional assessment is always recommended for an unknown or serious injury


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